Platform Features

Project management tools to
streamline preconstruction.

The Constructo platform comes equipped with easy-to-use software tools and
workflow solutions that make preconstruction a breeze.

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Project Board

Visually manage your projects.

  • Organize projects by stage
  • Drag-and-drop for easy planning
  • Create new projects in a few clicks
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Customer Portal

Streamline client communications.

  • Branded customer portal experience
  • Present design concepts and files
  • Grant access to homeowners
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Team Chat

Centralize team discussions.

  • Chat with subs and teammates
  • Get feedback on projects and files
  • Collaborate on one or many projects
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To-do Lists

Manage and create project to-dos.

  • Keep track of your project to-dos
  • Stay organized with simple tasks
  • Prioritize your workload and actions
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File Sharing

Share files and documents.

  • Grant file access to stakeholders
  • Easily share project files with your team
  • Store all your construction docs in one place
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Task Management

Assign team members tasks.

  • Collaborate with various teams
  • Assign specific action items
  • Establish priorities and next steps
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Digital Measuring

Measure plans, digitally.

  • Get precise plan measurements for takeoffs
  • Measure arcs and perimeters
  • Find the distance between areas
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Instant Quotes

Get exact pricing for services.

  • Instantly see pricing for different services
  • Create custom proposals for new jobs
  • Markup pricing to fit your project costs
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Preconstruction is complex,
we'll simplify it for you.

You’re one step away from your smoothest project yet.

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